ARTIST INTERVIEW- Kill The Dinosaur ∼ アーティスト・インタービュー(英語版)

In recent moons, ILLUSTREET had the pleasure of interviewing crazy and hilarious artist group, Kill The Dinosaur (Mias "The Rock" Johnson, and Philip). Their style is a mixture of comic, post-ratfink, lowbrow cartoony, all around loveliness, with a dash of humor (well, more like a bucketload of humor).

On with the interview!

ILLUSTREET: Hello Mias “The Rock” Johnson, and Philip. Thanks for sitting with me virtually for this interview, in my El Camino of Rad. I really dig your style and want to get inside your heads for a bit. But first off, can you explain “Kill The Dinosaur”?

Philip: We are two dudes, and we look like this:

Kill The Dinosaur photo for ILLUSTREET Artist Interview

We make fun and art about what life’s about. Money, bitches and dope paintings.

ILLUSTREET: It’s amazing that you’ve found a collaboration partner who you’re able to connect with so fluidly. Can you go over some of your collaboration technique? 

Mias: Yes. Most of the time we play Borderlands or other video games and while one of us is pounding on the controller, the other one is doing some inks or paintings. Then we exchange controller and pen, and the other one is working on the piece we are on. That’s it most the time.

Philip: I play most of the time. And sometimes I have to stand up to pee or change the music.

Mias: This interview was also made in collaboration while playing Borderlands. So this technique is helpful in many situations of life.

I learned this technique from my parents because even they made me while one of them was playing video games. At this point I want to give a shout out to my parents: You are cool, thanks ya all!


ILLUSTREET: There seem to be many influences in your work, and you’ve taken these influences and crafted them into a cohesive, very personal feeling style.  What kind of living has crafted your style over the years?

Philip: Life under the bridge took hard on me but I was lucky enough to have my rat friends with me and one of them really was into coloring and linework, another one was passionate about realistic paintings. It was a great time, until I became too rich and I moved to Westminster Abbey. There I started to snuggle with beautiful madmoisels and drank wine from beautifully crafted carafes until I ended up with this interview thing here.

Where am I? Hello? Dude, can you go on please.

Mias: Yes. I think what Philip is trying to say with this little story is that if you start working together on a piece of art, it differs a lot from working alone. Jesus Christ himself said once about collaborating:

Often I don’t have a clue where a painting is going but then Philip comes up with a brand new flow or detail that pushes me to go on. That is the shit, player. Many times in the past I was totally convinced by an idea and Philip hated hard on it but that’s always great to take my stuff to a new level. The more I collaborated with people the more I learned about their perspective and techniques to look at a painting or a drawing. Hail God.

And I agree with that. Maybe it was me quoting me and not Jesus but that’s not the point here.


ILLUSTREET: I’m pretty sure I’ve laughed with every single piece of yours that I’ve seen- HA!- humor seems to be an integral part of all your works.  What are some of your favorite funny cartoons, comics, shows (from any country)?

Mias: The first Spongebob episodes, every episode after the movie was bullcrap. Regular Show, South Park, Ugly Americans, every movie from Monty Python, every movie from Helge Schneider.

Studio Braun.

Philip: I love classic cartoons. Looney Toons and stuff.


ILLUSTREET What's the difference in vibe for you between analog/digital works small scale, and doing large graffiti works on the streets?

Mias: What often comes to my mind working on digital pieces is that they have no soul. Because they’re fat gingers. This sounds harsh I know, but they are just bits and bytes if you don’t know how to translate them into the ‘Real World’. An analog piece in contrast has so much substance. You can paint on Objects, feel the surface, look at the color in different lights, look at it on different places and you can even smell it or lick it if you feel like it. On a Monitor you always look at a painting through a kind of dimensional keyhole.

What fucks me up most with digital pieces is that they have no steady color. What I mean is that you take a look on them on different monitors and in most of the cases they have a totally different appearance. Even if you tilt your monitor it looks different! You could say: “Yo, get yourself a digital calibrated monitor there you have your real colors”, but then you see your work ‘correctly’ and 90 % of the people still see the bizarro version of your painting. So I would say I appreciate analog works more because of their realness. They are down to the roots.

But the digital paintings always catch me with their advantages like being in possession of every color, being able to undo steps, being able to upload it quick to the web without taking a shitty photograph and so on. Collaborating also works over a big distance by using the PC.


Big scale is just awesome. Graffiti is awesome.. I like to compare working with cans to working with pencil crayons.

You have a color and paint it on the wall/paper and you instantly get an idea of how to go on and what this colored shape is associated with.

And I appreciate the highly opaque colors because I often work very impulsive and without a sketch.


ILLUSTREET: Favorite medium at the moment?

Mias: I’m working a lot digitally with photoshop and a drawing pad and Inks as always.


ILLUSTREET: Any awesome tools *ahem* paint markers *ahem* that you’d like to discuss?

Mias: No. But I still want to give every company the chance to get their commercial space in my interviews. I already said that to another interviewer. If there is any company that wants to sponsor me I would very much like to promote their product unless it’s shit. Contact me:


ILLUSTREET: For fans of Kill The Dinosaur, what are some things they can look forward to seeing in the future? Projects in the works? OR ARE YOU SECRET ARTIST SPYMEN?!?!?!?!

Mias: We wanted to make a poster shop, but we are lazyass mofox and this is probably never going to happen until someone really takes some time to do so.

Furthermore we are experimenting with some different tools and maybe there will be more video, animation or video game stuff in the future.

But there is no concrete project. Of course we are also doing our other stuff like exhibiting and making paintings and drawings.


ILLUSTREET: All right, some final words.  Mias, if you had to end this interview with a powerful conclusion…  Okay- end this interview with a powerful conclusion! Final words, final words.

Mias: Things are always as they seem. I am you. Tom Cruise is a fag. Ravioli. *(ILLUSTREET: Obligatory AHEM'- Views presented by those interviewed on ILLUSTREET are those of the interviewed. ILLUSTREET does not believe in censorship of expression, so that's that, mang.)


ILLUSTREET: Thank you very much Mias and Philip of Kill The Dinosaur!!! You two are off your ballz, which is great hope for mankind. May you continue graffing and digital arting until your smiles go behind your ears. Godspeed.

Mias "The Rock" Johnson / Kill The Dinosaur on ILLUSTREET

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