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In recent moons, ILLUSTREET had the pleasure of interviewing the peeps behind Hyperboloid Records. Hyperboloid Records has released some of the most phuture-yet-present vibes in the underground electronic music scene; a blender of breaks/jungle, trap, ghetto booty, glitch, post-post-post house, footwork, post-post-rave, eeetc. The label's releases are varied, yet all kick pretty hard with styles that make one feel as if they're in 2020, in 1997.

On with the interview!

ILLUSTREET: Can you give some background on the foundations of the label, who runs it, and maybe some insight into some of the label’s techniques for staying alive in such a saturated underground?

Hyperboloid: Currently the label is run by Dmitry Garin (aka Acid Mafia), Alexey Devyanin (aka Pixelord) and Sergey Saburov. There isn’t a boss as such, our approach is laid out in a book “Unboss”. All decisions are made when our cooperative intuition says “yes, this sounds fun”.

Originally Hyperboloid was founded by Dmitry Garin in 2004 to release experimental and futuristic electronic music. The name comes from the futuristic novel “The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin” by a Russian science-fiction writer Alexey Tolstoy.

There wasn’t much of futuristic and experimental dance music in Russia at the time, so the label was created rather as an idea (or a meme) to stick in people’s minds: “there exists an experimental electronic music label from Russia”. (ILLUSTREET: Ahaha...) It was at the same time that Dmitry co-founded Abracadabra Music Festival and invited Alexey to perform at the festival as Gultskra Artikler, while contributing some found sounds and ideas for Gultskra. After the festival, Alexey stayed in Moscow and they became friends with Dmitry.

In 2005 Alexey and Dmitry were invited by Sergey Saburov to Tymen’ to perform live as Gultskra Artikler. Much to their surprise, Alexey and Dmitry found that Sergey created a vibrant and eclectic electronic scene in Siberia which surpassed Moscow both by quality and audience of events.

In 2007 Hyperboloid participated in organizing massive Abracadabra festival (3 days, 6000 people, wide media coverage) and released a festival CD.

During 2005 - 2010 the label released few (although very important for Hyperboloid’s formation) EPs by label’s core artists: Acid Mafia, Stud and Vikhornov.

In 2009 Alexey joined the label, soon after releasing a cassette EP “Acid Mafia VS Pixelord”. This release was a statement of the original label’s sound and a kick-start for the whole bunch of exciting releases in 2011:

  • Damscray “Make Me Juke” - first Russian juke, that started the wave of interest to juke in Russia.
  • Good Job “Fake Camera” - twisted bass-music by the producers who wished to stay anonimous.
  • NVG “First Trip” - as the name implies, a first try into bass-music sound by a former trance producer.
  • Beatwife “Cornbrail Acid” - monumental braindance by a scottish producer living in Florida.

2011 was also the year of the first Hyperboloid Night followed by Hyperboloid Night #2. Both were showcasing local talent, live improvisation by some crazy bypassing local artists and spontaneous jams, both were insanely successfull. But 2011 was only the beginning of the rise.

In 2012 Sergey Saburov came on board and strengthened Hyperboloid party monster machine with international guests: Slick Shoota, Kramphaft, Om Unit, Lockah, Chrissy Murderbot, Lapalux, Koloah, Sinjin Hawke. Exciting new releases by new artists and current artists flourished:

  • Koloah “Bulletproof” - heavy bass from Ukraine.
  • Slick Shoota “Draw” - slick party juke from Norway.
  • Gillepsy “Click Party” - ecstatic party bass from quiet Russian town
  • Pixelord “Remixed” and “Drinky VIP” - explosion of high-quality bass classics from the man himself.

First half of 2013 brought more maturity to Hyperboloid’s output as well as new names.

  • Koloah “Mutation” - minimalistic bass masterpiece.
  • Raumskaya “Snapshot” - sophisticated and deep juke from Saint-Petersburg.
  • Impakt “Be Liquid” - acid and bass music fusion from the man gave the world some excellent electro and impersonated The Tuss silly.
  • Chrissy Murderbot “All Right” - frenetic footwork with jungle and oldskool rave music.

Someone did an outstanding job to list all our releases on Discogs:

Dmitry: I don’t think we really have any specially conceived techniques. We are releasing what we intuitively like, something fresh to our ears and downright funny. Artists send us tracks, we pack them into albums, make artwork, master the sound, bring along remixers.


ILLUSTREET: Given that Hyperboloid seems to be somewhat mysterious and somewhat a pain to contact- haha- how does Hyperboloid find talent to release? i.e. There is no demo submission info, etc.

Hyperboloid: We don’t have any official channels for anything. It’s good fun to see people get creative figuring out how to reach us. We find talent by spending considerable time on Soundcloud and in clubs. Each one of us is discovering talent, and then we decide who’s going to contact the artist.


ILLUSTREET: Hyperboloid is broad in taste, yet somewhat specific in vibe. The releases over the past few years all seem at home. Is the future of Hyperboloid Records about spreading a vibe regardless of times (ala Schematic), or will the releases be more changing with A&R emotions in the coming years (ala Planet Mu)?

Dmitry: The vibe rules. We want to develop and grow our own voice.

Alexey: We try to make and/or find and release timeless music. Lets see if it works in a few years.


ILLUSTREET: The solidity and quality of the underground electronic scene has seen a steady rise in the past few years, after many years of just absolute shit being washed around. It seems a new era of forward-thinking music has begun, so it’s definitely an exciting time for electronic music! What are some of the sounds that have been inspiring for you in recent times? What are some of the current sounds that are shit?

Dmitry: Indeed it is. I was inspired, of course, by all of the label’s artists (that’s why they are all here), all the artists from Rephlex and Bangface, Ceephax Acid Crew, Hrvatski, Dopplereffekt, Jason Forrest, Vtol, Zavoloka, Roboti, Pye Corner Audio, Marcus Fjelstrom, I could go on for pages... All time inspiration for me is Delia Derbyshire and Edgar Varese.

As for shit, when I encounter one, I just skip it. Press the “Next” button or send it to trash. It takes up processing power and hard drive space in my brains, so why spend time processing and especially storing it? Just forget about it! (ILLUSTREET: Word.)

Alexey: Im always inspired by technology, videogames, internet. I love digital virtual world and things that ppl can create and share instantly.


ILLUSTREET: Hyperboloid album/EP release cover art is pretty good.  Who’s doing the design work for Hyperboloid?

Hyperboloid: We collaborate. Recently most of our releases were done by a very cool dude ElroyKlee.


ILLUSTREET: Somewhat silly question: Which is better? American take on dubstep, or European take on footwork music?

Dmitry: I prefer European take on footwork.

Alexey: I prefer new underground tropical juke ;)


ILLUSTREET: Any awesome electronic movements that are in the Russian super underground that nobody outside of Russia knows about yet? Any awesome electronic movements in Russia that don’t exist that you’d like to lie about here and pretend they do exist?

Dmitry: I know people who build software and hardware instruments for big electronic artists (truth), make music on horrendous soviet synths (truth). There’s a specific bunch of people who live deep in Russian woods and make electronic music off alternative fuel (wind, sun, snow, woods). They don’t speak any language. If one needs to tell the other to bring water, he just turns the knob and produces the sound. They have kids, too, and I think they are genetically different from the rest of mankind. I’m looking forward to releasing some music from them.


ILLUSTREET: Your final words on the state of the underground scene, the future of dance music, and the pop world’s ability to steal everything from the underground to try to “make it cool”.  Aaaaand, GO!

Dmitry: It takes some serious balls to stay true to your sound and genre, but people need to eat something. I have huge respect to the ones who find the healthy balance. Therefore, the future of dance music is bright, as long as it’s clear from too much drugs and alcohol. As for stealing, I’m only glad to see good ideas spreading. If they steal - it’s proof that it’s good.

Alexey: In future I will always try to stay up to date with music/art/movies/web. I don’t want to become old fag, who hates current culture and consumes only what he has loved in his youth. Maybe it would be difficult.


ILLUSTREET: Please, any closing words or feelings you’d like to pass on to fans of Hyperboloid Records?

Dmitry: People, thank you. Enjoy the journey on waves of our universe with us.

Alexey: Send us amazing demos! And stay tuned for new artists from Russia and the rest of the world.


ILLUSTREET: Thank you very much Hyperboloid Records! ‘Twas our pleasure. We here at ILLUSTREET really dig your releases and are looking forward to more of your future sounds. Godspeed.

Hyperboloid: Thank you! Our pleasure too.

Hyperboloid Records

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